Summer Session Ending..

Summer Session 1 is at the end and that means I successfully completed my first online class. Professional Writing for Electronic Media was the best class I have had dealing with English courses. It really helped me learn about new websites and how to professionally use google tools that I did not know existed. I learned how to find pictures on google that are free for reuse and to share, I learned how to shorten URLs for twitter, I found new ideas for my boards on Pinterest and so much more. I strongly recommend this class to any education majors, it is an eye opener to technology and different websites you can use for your classroom or that you can use a class. I learned about Canva, PowToon, Edmodo and Kahoot, all of these I defineitely plan on using when I get into my classroom as a teacher. These websites allow teachers to integrate the most powerful tool we have in this day in age, technology, to encourage and inspire students to have fun while learning, it brings about a different way of learning that is both hands on and face to face communication. I loved taking this class and I really will take everything I learned from it with me even after I graduate.

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Preschool Teachers

I recently had a conversation about why people what to teach, because everyone knows some teachers do not make that much money. What shocked me even more is when I found out that nationally preschool teachers of the most underpaid teachers of them all. This article I read called “Why Do Preschool Teachers Earn So Much Less Than Those Teaching Older Kids?” put it into perspective for me, it mentions the lack of teachers who go into teaching preschool aged kids and that some schools do not require preschool teachers to have degree. With the scarcity of teachers and the that there are so many who teach for the wrong reasons, it kind of makes me sad knowing that some students do not receive the best education because the person who is teaching does not have the passion the kids need to feed and fuel off of so that can learn and be successful in life and make goals for themselves. Reading this article makes you question teachers’ intentions, especially since I have a three-year-old nephew, I know my sister struggled for a while trying to find the right school for him to ensure he is surrounded by teachers who are willing to teach and have passion teaching children new things every day. Everyone always talks about how teachers are the most unappreciated, and it’s sad knowing that “teaching is the profession that makes all other professions” and still get the short end of the stick sometimes.

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Wiki, NOT Wikipedia

For class I had to critique a wiki page and I am not talking about Wikipedia, which was definitely a shock for me. I never knew something with the same prefix has Wikipedia could be the complete opposite of Wikipedia. The first question I know anyone reading this is asking ‘what is wiki?” A wiki is “a website that allows collaborative editing”, it sounds like Wikipedia because anyone can go in and change information on Wikipedia, but wiki, based on the content and nature can be very professional. It takes the writing process to another level, instead you have multiple people’s different resources and ideas that they share with the community. Based on your interests especially when it comes to teaching I definitely recommend looking into ‘teacher wikis’ or ‘classroom wikis’, they could potentially help shape how you teach, control your classroom, or you could even share things and ideas you have done in your own classroom that worked for you and your students. The website I looked into was MissELAR which is centered around English, Language, Arts, ironically it took me re-reading the title a few times before I realized it was the abbreviation for English, Language and Arts. I recommend this website for ELA teachers and generalists especially.

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Prairie View A&M University

When I first came to Prairie View A&M University I was not expecting to fall in love with the idea of becoming a teacher. My career plans changed drastically from freshman year to now and thanks to Prairie View’s resources I have more opportunities. My goal is to graduate from Prairie View with my bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies Early Childhood through Sixth grade. With my bachelor’s degree I want to teach second grade and pursue my masters’ in K-12 counselling. With my master’s degree I would love to get into a high school counselor position. My goal is to build a safe haven for all kids when they come to school, I believe their circumstances whether good or bad should not dictate their opportunity to accomplish their life long dreams. I want any child, parent, or employees to feel like they are special in their own ways. As a teacher and counselor I want to provide all resources for my students to succeed in life and to make learning a more positive experience for everyone, because they learn from me and I learn from them. I am excited to be on this journey to be a teacher and shape the minds of our futures.

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My First Summer Class

I’ve been mentioning the types of projects I have been working on for my class, but have failed to mention anything about the class. First, the class is called Professional Writing for Electronic Media, which is a fancy way of how you learn to be a professional on certain social media pages and how to use certain tools for professional settings. My professor is pretty awesome, even though it is an online class and I never met her in person, but she outlined the entire five weeks for the class and provided us with amazing YouTube videos to help guide us through each project. I have truly learned a lot of new information that I did not know existed and are great resources that I will use in the future as a teacher. Just finding out that certain resources exist make it easier for me as a future educator to expand my creativity for my kiddos and how they learn in my classroom. Below is a diagram I made using google drawing, which can allow teachers to make drawings or assign an activity to the students to use it too.

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In one of my recent blogs I talked about having to use this website called Edmodo, which is a great tool to open the lines of communication between parents, students and teachers. Well, last week I had the pleasure and struggle of using another website for my class called PowToon, which sounds really cool and simple, but it is not, do not let the name fool you, it is very tricky at first. Let me tell you about it first before I get into my story about my struggle using it. PowToon is a website that literally allows you to use animation to make a PowerPoint about anything, it’s like a live anime PowerPoint, which is really cool when you watch other people’s videos then comes the hard part, making your own. I hope I was not the only one who had a hard time making a PowToon, because it was really difficult. First, I had to find a template and I actually ended up finding three, what happened to the other two you ask? They got deleted, I was struggling and getting frustrated, so my third and final one was a blank template, started from scratch, which was probably my first mistake. I STRONGLY recommend 1. Using the blank template they offer 2. Plan out your slides before starting and 3. Taking it one step and slide at a time. Although it was a tricky start figuring out how to add characters, delete slides and add music I overcame the struggle and recommend my fellow teachers to try it out. Take a look at what I consider a masterpiece, my PowToon! Hope you enjoy!

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Teacher Interview

I recently was searching the web for resources to help a new teacher in a job interview, and I came across this article that was on apple news called “The 7 questions every new teacher should be able to answer”. These questions were very helpful, because as a dire need for teachers’ increase, it is imperative that school administrations are able to determine whether or not the person they are interviewing became a teacher for the right reasons, because in every occupation there are bad apples who spoil the reputations for the good ones. New teachers should be able to bring in more modern and individualized teaching styles to their districts and be up to date with what is going on in their field as well as their subject. These seven questions definitely opened my eyes to how I want to be perceived when I step into the office of a potential future employer and how I plan to improve my teaching methods even before I step into the classroom.

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I recently had an assignment for class which required me to use this website called Edmodo. This website is great for teachers, students and their parents. As teachers you can create a classroom for your students and open line the of communication with both the student and their parent/guardian. I strongly recommend if you are a teacher and your students have access at home to a computer that you use Edmodo. It allows you to add notes or reminders, quizzes and assignments; its great for teachers who want to be as paperless as possible throughout the school year. It allows the students to have responsibility in checking it on a daily basis, and gives them access to you, as a teacher, anytime for questions concerning class work and for them to communicate with other peers a well. Edmodo is also a plus for the parents, they have access, of course from the teacher, to logon and see where their child is at in their class and what they are learning and working on. Edmodo is definitely one of the resources I will take with me into my classroom.

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What Parents Expect From Teachers

I recently had a conversation with my sister, who is also the parent of a three-year-old son. I asked her two important questions: what she wants from her child’s teacher and what she wants to know about the teacher? Her responses are somewhat similar to these two links provided, which you should read.  As a teacher you need to know what parents expect and as a parent you need to know what is required from your child (ren) teachers. My sister expect teachers to give her information regarding her child’s curriculum and what goals are set for the classroom and would like to receive tools and resources that she can use at home to help her child, with the option of having to use technology or not. She expects her child’s teacher to be diverse, allowing students to learn about different cultures, without letting the teachers’ personal or religious beliefs being mixed in with the curriculum. Like most parents, they know their child’s learning style and expects their teachers to be fair and ensure that the teacher has a ‘tailor made’ curriculum so that each child’s needs are met appropriately. From this conversation with my sister it has given me more insight on how to benefit both parent and child when they are in my presence as a 2 picture.jpg

Why I Want to Teach

I started at Prairie View in the summer of 2014; thinking about majoring in Psychology. Once I started my fall semester, I was taking General Psychology, and something inside of me made me question “is this the right major for me?”. I talked to friends and my mom about my decision to change major and ended these multiple conversations by following in my mother’s footsteps, declaring my new major as Business Management. Then, a year went by and I had taken Introduction to Business Management, and once again something was tugging on my heart that this wasn’t for me. I prayed and thought about what truly makes me happy. At the end of my soul-searching, I found that there was a common denominator, which was helping others, especially children, and what better major than education; touching the lives of so many young people’s hearts and minds is one of the best gifts to be given in life. There are many reasons a person decides to become a teacher, but ultimately just like any other profession, it chose you, your destiny, and your calling will find you no matter what. I recommend that if you are thinking about teaching, read this post and see if any of these three reasons are why you want to teach, whether the answer is yes or no, I strongly recommend doing more extensive research to see if it’s the right fit for your life.

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